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26 March 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Hello everyone!!!
Its been awhile huh?
i am so bad at keeping up with everything.

so lets see...whats new...
i finally bought a laptop YAY!! lol
i spent most of last year fixing my computer so i decided to just get a new one. it caused me trouble in the beginning tho but now its all good!

I also started school again...scary!
im now an official student at itt tech. ima learn me some computer stuff hahaha...
lets see how that goes.

I also went to Jin's concert in LA!!!! It was so cool!
i swear, he's the only singer who makes me want to dance the night away...

That's about it...i really haven't done much.

Well just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone!!!
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21 December 2011 @ 10:01 am
Hello everyone!!!
Its been a while. Hope everyone is great.
The holidays are just around the corner...and well, all my money is officialy gone! Having a big family sucks! Too many presents to buy >_<
But shopping is fun so yeah...

So I have a little probleme and I thought of lj; maybe you guys can help me!!!

So I'm going to the Dir En Grey concert in LA. I'm so excited bc I was going with a group of friends. Well 2 bailed out so I have 2 extra tickets now.
So I was wondering, Does anyone know someone that is in LA that wants to go? Or do you belong to an Dir En Grey community that you can advertise the tickets for me?
2 tickets available
$30 per ticket (or best offer for both)(will not charge ticketmaster fees)
Will do a meet up at the concert venue.
Email: yflores_2002@hotmail.com

if anyone can help me with this, I will be so greatful!!!


Happy Holidays!!!
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18 October 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Hello everyone!!

How is everyone doing?

So good news!

I found out last Friday that i won 2 tickets to go see Miyavi on Friday, October 21 at the House of Blues on the sunset strip!

I'm super excited!! I'm not really a big fan nor do i know a lot of his music but non the less, I'm happy I'm going!


I have no one to go with. I've been trying my hardest to find someone to go with but none of my friends like the same kind of music as me.


If there is anyone out there that will be in the Los Angeles area on Friday and want to go see Miyavi please PM me.

You can have my extra ticket free of change!
(or if you want to pay me by buying me a Mojito or an Adios MF i wont stop you lol)

I only have 1 extra tix so the person that PM's me first will probably get it.
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06 October 2011 @ 10:29 pm
I am so mad! I'm to the point where I am actully crying because of the rage!

Everything is gone! Because of my sister carelessness and stupidity, my portable hard drive is ruinned.
I srsly haven't been this mad in years! I just feel like beating the shit out of her!!! Arrrggggg!!!

I had everything there. All my Arashi, K8, NEWS, An Cafe, Sadie, and Heidi videos and music. I know it might sound stupid to cry over this but ugh... It's years of collecting everything I had!
But I also had years of my life in pictures saved there too! All my memories gone!
I also had very important personal information saved there too.
It's just so frustrating!!!

And did I hear a "sorry" from her? Oh fuck no!
She's fucking busy doing shit with her stupid friends!
Ugh!! I'm sick of all her bull shit! SICK OF IT!!!

I'm sure I have misspelled words here but I really don't care right now!
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08 July 2011 @ 08:57 pm

Its been several months since my last entry.
So i guess i should post one since i have time!

OK so I've been really busy, no joke!

Since I'm dads translator I've been going to all of his doctors and kimo appointments. I never knew it was going to be that exhausting! But then again, i have no right no complain because I'm sure my dad has had it 3, 4, or even 10 times as worse.
He finally had surgery 2 weeks ago so now we are waiting for the results. Hopefully there is good news because he had cancer in 2 places. :/

I've also been working like a dog! But the good thing about this is that i got to see Perfume like up close. I couldn't talk to them tho bc i would have gotten fired.

Now for the Fun times!!!
I went to this new convention on 4th of July weekend.
AM2 totally kicked AX ass!!! Like srsly!
I've gone to AX 4 yrs in a row and I've never had this much fun with them than what i had with AM2.
I saw Sadie, Kanon x Kanon and heidi.

I loved heidi. even before the convention so seeing them live was just awesome!! I just wished i had a better camera! I was singing Yokan and mungen Loop when they played it. I probably sounded like a total loser but i don't care! They were awesome!

Sadie were cool too! That was my first time hearing about them.All the members were awesome especially Kei, Mizuki and Tsurugi.
Mizuki actually made me pinky promise to go see them again when ever they have another gig in the US. He was srsly cute! I never knew they could be that forward hehehe...
Tsurugi was cool too. He tried speaking English and just kept saying "I'm a crazy, shy boy."
and Kei...well i told him his drumming was just plain awesome. he was super nice and HOT!
And of course, since Mizuki and Tsurugi have tweeter i added them xD

Now KanonxKanon. Totally feel in-love with them. I was a fan on Kanon Wakeshima bc of the song Still Doll. But Kanon(An Cafe) was simple awesome!
They both were super nice. He was srsly trying to be as friendly as possible but you could tell he was super shy. Cute!

Well that's all!
Haven't really done much but work and taking care of family stuff.
Sorry for my lame entry but then again, if you want to know what im doing just add me on tweeter :JunToshi_Love

Ja ne~!

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03 February 2011 @ 06:28 pm

I cant believe it took me almost 3 hours to update my bio page and change a pic in the layout i use for my friends page!! Codes are really hard to figure out when you know nothing about them!
But i did it! I managed to figure out how to put that pic in the center...hahaha~ (^_^)/

My head hurts just trying to figure things out...sigh...=3

So...How is everyone doing??

Im doing good...a little stressed out.
So many things have happened since the start of this year!

One thing that I'll forever remember is the Gantz premier!! KYAA~~!!!!
I saw Nino like up close!!! He is short but perfect for my height...oh i can only dream... lol

I also saw 2 friends from NYC! Liz and Ame, HELLO!!!!! ^_^
It was great seeing them again. They really are awesome!
Thanks for the ride Liz! It was fun!
Ame, congrats again for the awesome news! Good luck out there! (hopefully your reading this haha)

Lets see...Oh!!! I'm also looking for a new job. Its so hard!!!
I've applied to a couple of places, hopefully i at lest get one call back. I srsly need the money...McD's here i come!!!

Other stuff have been going on too but i wont say what it is...i don't want to bring this positive entry down...sigh. But all I'll say is that im staying positive with the help of my awesome friend, Olga. She really is the best!

So thats all...just thought i should post something haha...

see ya!!
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13 January 2011 @ 10:33 am
Hey everyone!

How is everyone doing???

Its been months since my last post here...

How did the new year start for everyone?

Mine was OK i guess...a lot of not so good news but I'm hopeful that it will be OK. I'm staying POSITIVE! (^_^)v

But anyways...I really need help with something. I was not born a tech genius so i really need answers! lol

I finally bough a DVD drive for my computer. I wanna try to make my own DVD collection of Arashi shows and dramas but i don't know how.

Is there anyone that can help me in that?
Can anyone recommend a program i could use?
How can a fit a Sp drama like Door to Door that is 1:45:50 into a DVD+R that only has 120 min of space? Is that even possible? I srsly don't want to cut it into part...that will ruin the drama!

But anyways...

Please! Teach Me!! m(_ _)m

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06 November 2010 @ 01:42 am
Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I updated this lj.

Well, by the grace of God I'm still here.

I've been sick. For the past 11 days, I had been stuck in a hospital. But finally, on Thursday night, I was able to go back home. Now I'm home and happy.

I think I mentioned this to some ppl but in June I found out I had galstones. On Oct 24 it became very serious. I was rushed to the hospital and was kept on observation for 3 days. Then I had my opperation but it got complicated. I spent the next 3 days high on morphine. Then the rest of the days I spent them all depressed and emotional because I wanted to go home and be with my family. It was hard being there. Now I'm home! I still feel weak and weird but I know I'll get better soon!

So now I'm here and I'm reading my friends page and I see I have missed a few bit of news.

So I'm wondering, Whats new with NEWS, Arashi and Kanjani8?
Are there any new dls that I should look for with end subs?
What about music?

Well that's all for today.

Bye guys!!
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10 August 2010 @ 09:53 am
It was canceled again!! WTF!!!!

So i'm not going to Japan anymore..sigh...

I'm never gonna go!!!
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03 August 2010 @ 06:10 pm
 So...Hows everyone doing???

Well I've been super busy with work!
Haven't had that much time to do anything except to go to bday parties...Man too many friends had bday parties in July! I also went to another one last Sunday and will go to another on the 14th.

Busy, Busy, Busy! ^_^

So, my trip Japan trip is next month! YAY! I'm so excited! Hopefully it wont be canceled again!

So i was thinking, why not see if people will be interested in doing another fan project?
I know there is already one going on, in which i still need to write my letter for it!
But i just thought...well who seriously gets tired of showering our boys with love?? Not me!
So the theme for my project is Thank you! and Gambatte!
There will be two recipients!
2. Aiba's mom and staff

We are all thankfull to Arashi for all the great things they have done for us by either cheering us up with there music or tv shows, by showing us what real friendship looks like or by just feeling like we aren't alone...idk. Or if your tired of saying your Thank yous then cheer them on!

Now for Aiba's mom letters i was thinking that...well...we should all be thanking her! So far, what i have heard, she has always accepted any fan gift that are given to her for Aiba and i think that's awesome!! She is srsly all our hero! So we srsly need to thank her and the staff!

Well if you guys think like it sound like a good idea and want to participate please let me know so i can start promoting it.

OK that's all for today!

Have a good day or night, which ever applies lol!
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