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yuliflor's Journal

28 July 1984
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♥ ME~ ♥
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About me

My name Yuliza but ppl call me Yuli. I'm from Los Angeles, CA where to sun shines like there no tomorrow!
I am a BIG fan of Arashi! I've been a fan for about 4 years now and loving it. Its been fun meeting new and different people that love them too.
I don't know what else to tell you...I'm a girl of very few words but if you want to get to know me better them feel free to contact me. ^_^
I'm on twitter and I'm almost always there so feel free to add me. Just let me know who you are first.

What I like

I like many things. I like reading, currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I love listening to music <3 I listen to anything from J-pop to punk to classical. I'll listening to any kind of music except for rap, don't like it, don't need it. I also like watching tv. Bones is a must see for me! I've also taken up knitting, i really enjoy it. I'm trying to knit a scarf but its taking longer than expected...lol. I like other stuff too but im just to lazy to write them all...

My idols

I seriously love ARASHI!!! I love there TV shows and there music. What not to love right???
Im really a big fan...i just wish i could remember their lyrics properly hahaha.
I also like NEWS. I started getting into them last year. It started with Ryo...damn you!!!
I'm enjoying them a lot hehehe...
So...Lets Support ARASHI and NEWS Together!